Martian Swarm Help

How to play Martian Swarm

The goal of Martian Swarm is to defend against the onslaught of the Martian Swarm as long as you can. Compete with friends or yourself to see how long you can last and what high score you can reach.

This is your HUD and game play area. The six color buttons and the middle fire button will be your primary way of destroying the martian swarm. To destroy a martian swarm, simply click on the color or colors that match one of the martians and then click the fire circle button in the middle.

The Martian Swarm will be coming from the top of the screen to the bottom. If the Swarm were to cross this line the game is over.

How to Use Special Weapons

De-Stabilizer Missile 
To use this weapon, simply tap and hold on the screen where the martian swarm is coming down. Hold your finger down until a targeting reticule shows up. Simply drag the targeting reticule over the desired location and then release your finger and watch the Swarm get blown to bits.

Neutron Freeze Spreader 
To use this weapon, simply flick the screen from this line here up towards the top of the screen. You should then see the enemy freeze just like this.